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French telemarketer, market research analyst, native French salesman.

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  • THE List.

    14 octobre 2012 ( #french telemarketer, #list, #odesk.com, #elance.com, #telemarketing campaign )

    For any marketing, and especially telemarketing campaign, you must possess / purchase / create prospect list. This list is the primary settlement to any telemarketing campaign. The more you list is accurate, the more your telemarketing campaign gonna...

  • It's Alright

    16 avril 2015 ( #It's Alright )

    It's Alright What does CSM Suri do to break up the monotony during USASOM staff call meetings?Posted by U.S. Army School of Music on vendredi 10 avril 2015

  • B2B French telemarketer - telesales.

    29 mars 2016

    Best upwork French B2B telemarketer profile on upwork.com https://www.upwork.com/fl/frenchtelemarketerb2b

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