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French telemarketer, market research analyst, native French salesman.

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  • Saijima, your way to success.

    25 janvier 2013 ( #Saijima, #way to success, #webdesign, #e-communication, #e-business )

    As previously stated, marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns work best as part of a whole. Just like a team. I had the opportunity to meet the CEO & founder of Saijima Ltd, Mr Minotti. I was amazed by the quality of the services he is offering to...

  • Top Rated status on Upwork!

    08 novembre 2016

    Dear Alexandre, We're excited to welcome you back to the Top Rated Program. You once again have access to all the perks of Top Rated status, including: More visibility on Upwork: a Top Rated badge on your profile. Access to more jobs: An exclusive Job...

  • Quebec, Externalization bilingual telemarketing campaign, (French and English languages)

    21 décembre 2016

    Quebec, Externalization bilingual telemarketing campaign, (French and English languages)On a freelance basis, I offer my telemarketing services in both French and English languages.For your market research, leads generation - follow up, HR related calls,...

  • Marketing: The lessons of Desert Storm.

    22 mars 2017

    In the 90's, during Desert Storm, between 5 - 10% of the bombs dropped over Iraq were smart ones.The smart bombs, laser guided bombs, made 90% of the damage.Marketing goes the same way.Use salestools.io, hunter.io, linkedin sales navigator addon, to refine...

  • Externalisation de votre campagne de télémarketing - téléprospection.

    21 décembre 2016

    Pour l'externalisation de votre campagne de télémarketing - téléprospection, vous pouvez me contacter via info@first-telemarketing.uk Je vous fournis un service de télémarketing - téléprospection en freelance pour vos études de marché, suivi - relance...

  • 我是出口业务开拓人员。

    22 septembre 2016

    您好,我是优先电话营销公司(First Telemarketing Limited)的亚历山大。 我是专门为国外市场,例如欧洲和美国的当地提供电话营销服务,专注开拓出口业务专业人士。 电话营销是通过电话来取得国外的新客户和扩大国外的销售市场。并且为您收集外国市场及同行竞争对手的信息,从而调整您的销售策略,击败国外的竞争对手和取得新客户。 我还可以为您在法语和英语市场开展通过电话销售,引擎搜索和邮件等宣传活动。指定在欧洲和美国的相关人员代表您们公司,在当地接见潜在客户进行商讨并取得订单。 现在推出...

  • Strongvpn, the best vpn provider.

    18 septembre 2015

    Strongvpn Hi Mates, I have been using Strongvpn for years, as I am living in a "Mainland ----", you know an Asian country. Well, a friend of mine, specialist in IT, strongly recommended me strongvpn. And yes, Strongvpn performs well. Pricing. The pricing...

  • Bilingual marketing services, best price/quality ratio.

    25 janvier 2013 ( #fully integrated marketing campaign, #saijima, #saijima smart phone, #bilingual telemarketing, #french telemarketer )

    More than I.T and webdesign services, Saijima offers you a fully integrated marketing campaign. We offer you: A website, available on smart phone. Paper medias, and paper based marketing campaign. Digital campaign, through smart e-mail campaign. Telemarketing...

  • ►Keep it sharp & clean. (your internet connection)

    23 juin 2014 ( #speed up your internet, #clean your computer, #fast internet connection, #free tools )

    To work online, you must always try to improve / speed up your internet connection, as much as possible. 1st of all, you should test your internet speed. To do so, go to http://www.speedtest.net/ Then, look for the best dns http://www.opennicproject.org/...

  • A-list, or a list?

    24 mars 2014 ( #telemarketing campaign, #telemarketer online, #telemarketing list )

    A-list, or a list, such is the question. Whatever communication you do, whatever the goal, the list is the basis of any serious telemarketing, surveys, etc... Better spend a little bit more time & money, on the list, because the more accurate your list...

  • Main markets for French telemarketers.

    14 octobre 2012 ( #french telemarketer, #odesk.com, #elance.com, #1-dollar-boy, #Québec province )

    Mostly, the current main market for French telemarketers is Québec, Canada. It seems Québec province's economy is pretty steady, and Canadian entrepreneurs understand the need to employ professional telemarketers, rather than follow the rat race. The...

  • TOP Rated French Telemarketer.

    07 août 2015

    7th August 2015, upwork profile. My upwork profile

  • Naval History & Heritage Command.

    03 juin 2015

    VIRGINIA CAPES (June 2, 2015) The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Mitscher (DDG 57), right, provides a warm welcome to the French tall ship replica the Hermione in the vicinity of the Battle of Virginia Capes off the east coast of the...

  • Top Rated status on Upwork!

    01 juin 2015

    Hi Alexandre, You’ve earned Top Rated status on Upwork! We really appreciate your consistent, high-quality work and want to help you be even more successful. The Top Rated program rewards our highest-performing freelancers. Members maintain a 90% or higher...

  • First Telemarketing Limited => Launch!

    20 décembre 2015

    Dear Readers, For years, I have been freelancing. I gained experience working for multiple customers, doing market research, lead generation, telesales since 2009. I also led team of agents all across the Globe, doing recruitment, staff management, in...

  • Once again, the list.

    09 mai 2013

    Greetings, Once again, I must talk about the need to provide accurate lists. Basically, the more accurate your list is, the better for the whole marketing / survey process. Because with an accurate list, your telemarketer(s) will save precious time, by...

  • Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson, Class of 2019.

    09 décembre 2019

    Josh was a member of 10th company and captained the 2018-2019 Rifle Team. A mechanical engineering major, he service selected and was assigned to naval aviation. Upon commissioning last May, Josh was temporarily assign ed to the Naval Academy’s Physical...

  • Staff on site, or online?

    05 novembre 2013 ( #telemarketer online, #french telemarketer online, #your french survey online, #odesk.com, #elance.com )

    Many corporations wonder what would be the most suitable for their surveys, telemarketing campaign, appointment setting campaign. Namely, would it be better to hire online, via odesk.com , elance.com? Or Would it be better to employ staff on site, in...

  • My job: Agents Of Fortune.

    27 avril 2017 ( #Agents Of Fortune )

    Agents Of Fortune. (What a song!) Agents Of Fortune.

  • Organize an efficient telemarketing campaign.

    14 octobre 2012 ( #zoho crm, #odesk.com, #elance.com, #french telemarketer, #web company )

    To make a telemarketing campaign successful you need the following: - Find your telemarketer(s) via odesk.com / elance.com - Get an interview with him / her / them! - Provide / create a call list. - Set up a proper website, which match your goals, with...

  • Happy Hanukkah!

    25 décembre 2016

    Happy Hanukkah! Happy Hanukkah!

  • 96% client satisfaction.

    05 septembre 2016

    Over 3400 hours running French telemarketing and English telemarketing operations for my clients. 96% client satisfaction. For sure, I would rather end my activity than offer my services for free. Best French telemarketer! Best French telemarketer

  • Happy New Year 2018!

    02 janvier 2018

    Happy New Year 2018! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFNRsk48zY0 Uploaded by robotspeed989 on 2016-04-18.

  • French telemarketer Quebec.

    25 septembre 2016

    Québec Télémarketing French telemarketer Quebec

  • French telemarketer.

    14 octobre 2012 ( #French telemarketer, #odesk.com, #elance.com, #market research analyst )

    Greetings, I am Alexandre Hélart, a French citizen living in China. On my late 20's, I am making a living thru workin' online. Thus, if you need a profesionnal, to develop your marketing activities. Here I am, a native French speaker, fluent English speaker,...

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