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French telemarketer, market research analyst, native French salesman.

Main markets for French telemarketers.

Publié le 14 Octobre 2012 par Alexandre Hélart in french telemarketer, odesk.com, elance.com, 1-dollar-boy, Québec province

Mostly, the current main market for French telemarketers is Québec, Canada.

It seems Québec province's economy is pretty steady, and Canadian entrepreneurs understand the need to employ professional telemarketers, rather than follow the rat race.

The very rat race which makes money pass before results.

The very rat race that makes so many bosses loss time with 1-dollar-boy, absolutely incompetent, over companies like odesk.com, elance and so on.

Nobody can expect to have the same result when you employ a 1-dollar-boy instead of a profesionnal telemarketer with proper experience.

Whatever spyware, camera capture, keyboard capture, will not solve the main matter, when you employ a loser for a single dollar, you lose with him, which justice is.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas Edison