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French telemarketer, market research analyst, native French salesman.

B2B French Telemarketer - Alexandre HELART!

Publié le 10 Mars 2016 par Alexandre Hélart


I am a French telemarketer, specialized in B2B.

Here is my corporate website:


I have been telemarketing for a while and B2B is always much more motivating than B2C, as we talk professional business, with long range, high end marketing - sales campaigns.

I would say that Industrial sector (automotive among many), energy, human resources, and IT have all been Great experiences.

Mostly working to grow business to France and Canada (Quebec and beyond), it is nice to meet both traditional French culture, and something more Americanized and somewhat more straight to the point, as Quebec and , more broadly, North America.

And truth is, yes, Canadians are very polite people.

After spending a long time (too long) in Red China, I currently spend most of my time, in this little paradise on Earth, Spain!

Spain is simply perfect for online based freelancers, weather is good, life remains affordable, Spanish people are friendly, open to business and a talk with foreigners.

...kind of ...the opposite of Chinese! :)

Moreover, as French people, Spanish are Catholic Christians, Europeans, so we share a lot of values, including great food and a kind heart to people who need help.

No visa headache, no need to use VPN (virtual private network) to get rid off some nonsense state censorship.

People talk Donald Trump would be a Nazi, damn, go to China and feel what a Totalitarian state is!

Final point, communication with Spanish people is pleasure, the absolute opposite of communicating with Chinese.

Too bad Mac Arthur could not go beyond Yalu river!