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Strongvpn, the best vpn provider.

Publié le 18 Septembre 2015 par Alexandre Hélart



Hi Mates,


I have been using Strongvpn for years, as I am living in a "Mainland ----", you know an Asian country.

Well, a friend of mine, specialist in IT, strongly recommended me strongvpn.

And yes, Strongvpn performs well.



The pricing is reasonable, if you consider the vpn providers, I mean vpn providers with solid reputation and proven experience in providing access to free internet in countries where it is "somewhat" "controlled" and sometimes , a little bit (yes, just a "little bit"), straightforward restricted.



I prefer to work with a vpn provider based in the United States of America, a nation of liberty, a nation who stood against tyranny, whatever it forms, Nazis, Japanese Imperialists, communists, religious extremists locked in Middle Age.

Choosing a vpn provider based in a failed state, or a banana republic, is unwise.

The few dollars you save on the vpn provider, may put at risk your privacy, your banking data, your computer integrity, etc...


Customer service.

The customer service replies to each ticket within 24 hours and manage to provide the best service possible.

History of each ticket is kept and supervisors ensure the customer service delivers satisfaction, that the strongvpn end user has the basic package to the premium.



If you want a vpn connection to the United States of America, by far, consider strongvpn, which is an internet provider based in California, as well.

Plus, you can test the speed of each strongvpn servers, transparency, I like it.


Pause option.

Few vpn providers offer you the possibility to pause.

Say you work in the capital of a major East Asian nation (The country of Kung fu, you know) and you go for a 3 week holiday in Philippines , so for 3 weeks, you do not need a vpn connection, for most of your daily activities, with strongvpn you can pause your account for the duration which suits you most.


Strongvpn intranet platform.

Sometimes, vpn provider websites might be difficult to reach when you live in some "countries".

Well, with strongvpn intranet access, you can access your strongvpn account whenever you want, whatever internet restriction you may face in your current location.


Mobile phone, smart phone.

Strongvpn smart phone app and vpn connections work great.

Speed is good, vpn connection on smart phone, stable.


Special package option.

Strongvpn offers tailored made special packages, which contain a selection of vpn servers for the country, countries you are going to pass by or live.


Final point.

As my IT friend recommended me strongvpn years ago, today, I recommend you strongvpn, to secure your connections, to get rid of any kind of censorship, to protect your banking data, your computer, to have access to geo restricted websites, to "clean" your voip calls if, say a man in the middle wants you not to use some good affordable voip providers, etc...


Liberty has a price, as well as your safety and privacy online.


Freedom is not free.


I remember who met Hell in Normandy, in Korea, and so many other places.

I will remember, from which country they came from, which flag they carried with them.