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A-list, or a list?

Publié le 24 Mars 2014 par Alexandre Hélart in telemarketing campaign, telemarketer online, telemarketing list

A-list, or a list?

A-list, or a list, such is the question.

Whatever communication you do, whatever the goal, the list is the basis of any serious telemarketing, surveys, etc...

Better spend a little bit more time & money, on the list, because the more accurate your list is, the more efficient will be the whole marketing / surveying process.

Thus, you have some options, asking your telemarketer to do both, a professional can & will do both.

Or, you may employ cheaper staff, but you need to monitor them, or ask your telemarketer to supervise them.

Ultimately, your telemarketer will be the main user of your list, so he / she must be part of the list production process, if not as the creator, at least as a counselor, supervisor.

Finally, when your telemarketer starts, he / she, will need to correct / adjust the list, because the decision maker has left, because the company has relocated, etc...

Audio monitoring is necessary, especially at beginning, because this is the only way to know what your telemarketer is doing, & what you may correct, adjust in your campaign, survey.

Whatever your objectives, always remember, to work as a team, with your telemarketer, and possible third party staff, share the information, as much as possible.

Serfdom is not part of professional team management, staff management.